Model: Calypso
Hãng sản xuất: Accretech/Tokyo Seimitsu

Calypso is one of the most highly evaluated coordinate measuring machine software applications in the world. A CAD kernel ensures unmatched operability, which combined with powerful features of software that is designed to bring you the ultimate in versatility and performance.

Improved AI Function (Internationally Patented )
The AI function includes three algorithms for automatic element recognition, automatic coordinate system setting, and automatic measuring plane recognition while assisting operators. The AI function supports not only points, straight lines, flat surfaces, spheres, symmetrical points, circles, and cylinders but also cones, ellipses, square holes, and long holes without the need to select the element types before measuring. Simple operation procedures enable successive measurements from measuring one of the elements at random points to pressing the “Terminate” button to stop element measurements.

Automatic Geometric Element Recognition
Our own measuring method and recognition algorithms (patented in Japan and overseas) enable automatic recognition of geometric forms by the direct measurement (probing) of a workpiece. This dramatically reduces procedures to input measuring

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