Vật kính Plan Achromat Epi 10X

Model: VM-1V
Hãng sản xuất: Meiji Techno/Nhật Bản

MA871 Plan Achromat Epi 10X Objective ? for MC-40, MC-50, MC-45, MC-55, MCS-40 , MCS-50, MT7000, MT8000 & IM7000 Series

N.A. 0.25, F.L. 20.0mm, W.D. 7.48mm

This Meiji Techno MA871 Plan Achromat Epi 10X Metallurgical Upright & Inverted Microscope Objective Infinity is made to the highest Japanese quality and optical standards, utilizing an Infinity Tube Lens Design F=200mm. Designed to meet the most advanced metallurgical imaging requirements. This objective represents the culmination of Meiji Techno’s Optical technology. This objective offer increased brightness and the highest possible N.A. in its class for maximum light gathering ability. Designed to correct lateral and axial chromatic aberrations over the entire field of view. This objective produce images that are flat, crisp and clear with high contrast and optical resolution. This objective works with a wide array of applications. The stated magnification is based on a Tube lens of 200 mm. DIN Standard mounting threads is 0.7965” (20.1MM) Diameter threads, 36 TPI (Threads per inch), 55° Whitworth. This objective is compatible with all Infinity Corrected Optical System.

The MA871 Plan Achromat Epi 10X metallurgical objective lens is also integrated in our MC-40, MC-50, MC-45, MC-55, MCS-40, MCS-50, MT7000, MT8000 & IM7000 Series

When designing objectives it is critical for Meiji Techno Japanese Engineers to set the ultimate resolution limit of the optical microscope. The important factors is to include the wavelength of light used to illuminate the specimen sample, the angular aperture of the light cone being captured by the objective and as important is the refractive index in the object distance between the objective front lens and the specimen. Resolution can be measured as the minimum detectable distance between two closely spaced specimen points of interest.

The Brightfield Objective features include:

• High Quality Plan Achromat Design

• Flat image correction over entire field of view ( F.O.V.)

• Brightfield Inspection
• Computer-Aided-Design (CAD) objective
• Infinity Corrected Tube Lens Design, F=200mm
• DIN Standard mounting thread is 0.7965”(20.1MM) diameter threads
• 36 TPI (Threads per inch), 55° Whitworth
• High quality optics designed by Meiji Techno Optical Engineers
• Objectives composed of Numerous internal glass elements
• Corrected for flatness of field
• Uniform Quality and Glass formulations
• Corrected for most common optical artifacts such as coma, astigmatism, geometrical abberation
• Corrected for field curvature and spherical and chromatic aberration
• Corrected for more aberrations over wider fields, but image flare has been dramatically reduced
• Substantial increase in light transmission, yielding crisp and remarkably bright sharp images

Plan Achromat Epi Series for BF Metallurgical Series

A variety of Working Distance for Bright Field Inspection
0.37mm – 20mm Working Distance for 5X- 100X Models
High Quality Plan Achromat Epi Objective Design
Flat Image Surface over Entire Field of View
Good Color Reproducibility

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