Máy đo tọa độ CMM MMZ T – Large CMMs

Hãng sản xuất: Carl Zeiss/Đức

Safety for the operator and the machine

Kink protection on the ram to protect the sensor/operator

Optical ram protection to prevent downtimes following a collision

Safety position for the bridge to ensure safe loading of the coordinate measuring machine with large workpieces

Enlarged measuring performance

REACH CFX 3 MMZ stylus extensions for measuring very deep boreholes (1,200mm)

Rotary tables installed in the base to optimally use the measuring range

Temperature compensation gradients for the axes to selectively capture temperature differences

Measure heavy workpieces efficiently

Possible to measure workpieces of up to ten tons without a loss of accuracy

Integrated vibration insulation to prevent the need to construct an expensive foundation

Bearing technology without compressed air to minimize operating costs

Robust and stable over the long term

Insensitive to dusty and oily air

Resistant to rough environmental conditions for reduced demands on the measuring room

Large bearing clearances and a stable bridge design for exceptional scanning performance

Technical Data for ZEISS MMZ T


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