Máy đo 3D ZEISS PRISMO fortis – Chính hãng CMM ZEISS

Model: ZEISS PRISMO fortis
Hãng sản xuất: Carl Zeiss/Đức

Move from the measuring lab to the production line with ZEISS automated loading system


An interdisciplinary team of ZEISS experts takes individual components to develop a customized, comprehensive solution just for you. Joint project planning and application know-how make it possible to optimally integrate workpiece inspection into existing production processes.

ZEISS Inspection and Measuring System

Performing measurements on the shop floor near manufacturing machines requiresa combination of robust materials, a user-friendly system and automated processes.For example, ZEISS PRISMO fortis meets these requirements and delivers results withthe level of precision ZEISS is known for. The measuring system boosts productivityby saving operators a considerable amount of time thanks to new ZEISS REACHarticulating probe, the innovative stylus allows continuously variable angle positions.Measurement times can also be significantly reduced through the combination ofother ZEISS solutions, including ZEISS navigator technologies with ZEISS CALYPSOVAST probing or ZEISS ROTOS.

ZEISS Engineering

Maximum precision and speed paired with an automatic pallet loading system makethis an efficient ZEISS automation solution for harsh manufacturing environments.Immediate loading with the new automated shuttle means no time loss because multipleworkpieces can be fixtured away from the machine and quickly placedwithout interrupting current measurements. In addition, machine and plant safetyis ensured and enables an almost entirely unmanned operation. The automatic shuttledepot is available for up to 3 set-up places to fulfill customer requirements. The stationcan be placed transverse or longitudal to the CMM enabling minimum space needed.Finally, the setup significantly improves ergonomics.

ZEISS Software, IT Integration and Programming

The operating station is suitable for use on the shop floor and can beplaced wherever needed. A touchscreen, PC, printer and all control elementsare integrated. You can start measurement runs by pressinga button. Quality data management runs in the background and consistsof editable automation program FACS, measurement program ZEISSCALYPSO and ZEISS PiWeb for displaying and assessing results as well asperforming statistical evaluations.

ZEISS Accessories and Services

A complete ZEISS accessories package comprises compatible, carefullymatched components. Fixtures, clamping systems, a stylus system changerrack and a fully integrated pallet loading system assist with process efficiency.A flexible clamping system adjusts to your measuring tasks and workpieces.

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