Horizontal Arm CMMs ZEISS CALENO flush floor

Model: ZEISS CALENO flush floor
Hãng sản xuất: Carl Zeiss/Đức

More than a robot. It’s a Hambot.

Hambot is the new generation of horizontal arm machines in metrology combining high performance of a robot with possibilities of traditional horizontal arm machines.

ZEISS CALENO is a combination of CMM accuracy, collaborative system and an outstanding multi-sensor system with an automatic tool changer. Maximum versatility and highest performance capabilities ensure higher travel speed, acceleration and accuracy in the measuring room and near production.

With its combination of high-performance optical and tactile sensors ZEISS CALENO ensures maximum productivity and precision.

The Optical system ZEISS EagleEye in ZEISS CALENO enables to reduce the measuring time for up to 85%* with no compromise on quality and accuracy.

*Based on a benchmark for feature measurement. Measurement of 450 features was performed on ZEISS PRO dual arm with EagleEye system on a complete body & white

Productivity & precision

Maximum versatility and highest performance capabilities ensure higher travel speed, acceleration and accuracy in the measuring room and near production.

Individual configuration

ZEISS CALENO can be easily upgraded with a wide range of options and combinations depending on customer requirements. The measuring system can be customized and fully configured to meet specific accuracy and performance requirements.

Safe all around

The operator and the measuring system are protected by a multilayer safety system. Dedicated collision protection technologies on the sensor, the sensor plate, the sensor carrier (optional), the Y-arm, and further safety systems for the drive in all axes ensure safety all around.

Full Cover is standard

Every ZEISS CALENO has a full enclosure in a modern design. It ensures thermal insulation and protection against contamination. This also makes ZEISS CALENO suitable for use in a production environment. In addition, active temperature compensation is optionally available for all machine axes and the part.

Flush floor installation

In the flush floor version, ZEISS CALNEO is optimally accessible and can be driven over with floor conveyors such as ZEISS eMOBEE. For all work on and with the measuring system, the floor-level version offers the best possible ergonomics and productivity – ideal for a high volume of measurements and tight time windows. A suitable foundation is required for installation.

ZEISS CALENO T tabletop design

The ZEISS CALENO T tabletop design generally requires no work on the foundation and is less expensive than the floor-level version – with the same outstanding precision and performance. With the tabletop design, the measuring table and measuring columns form an inherently rigid unit. This makes the measuring system less sensitive to the installation site. For this reason, ZEISS CALENEO T is ideally suited for subsequent installation and near the production line. With an optionally available air damping system, the system can also be decoupled from the foundation in the best possible way.

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