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GEAR PRO bevel: Bevel Gear Measuring Program For Hypoid Gear Measuring (option)
This program performs tooth surface profile measuring and evaluation based on bevel gear and hypoid gear reference values.
Tooth surface reference values can be imported using DCOM (option) or generated by measuring a master gear.

· Measurement result output to the screen or a printer
· Tooth surface profile evaluation
Measurement results can be output in table form and topographic form.
Comparison evaluation with tooth surface profile reference values generated using a master gear, etc.
Comparison evaluation with manually input reference values
Comparison evaluation based on a Gleason gear reference value file
· Pitch/tooth space runout evaluation
Single pitch, pitch, adjacent pitch, tooth space runout
*Gleason interface is required in order to perform comparison evaluation based on a Gleason gear reference value file. (Option)

*Gleason interface can be used to link with the G-AGE program (available from Gleason Asia) through a bevel gear measuring program. Machine setting corrections can be calculated for a Gleason gear cutter.

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