Dòng máy CMM cỡ lớn MMZ M

Hãng sản xuất: Carl Zeiss/Đức

Efficient, highly precise measurements

Resistant to harsh environmental conditions for minimal demands on the measuring room

Large bearing clearances and a stable bridge design for an exceptional scanning performance

REACH CFX 3 MMZ stylus extensions for measuring deep boreholes (1,200 mm)

Low infrastructure costs

Minimal footprint compared with measuring range to minimize the amount of space required

Minimized foundation requirements to reduce costs for the foundation

Articulating probe holder for maximum flexibility and minimized costs with measuring styli

Ergonomically-correct work

All-sided view of the measuring range

Walk-in measuring area for effective analysis directly on the workpiece

Mobile data station for direct programming on the workpiece

Future-proof and high-quality

ZEISS VAST navigator probe system to quickly calibrate, scan and increase precision

ZEISS VAST performance to increase measuring throughput

Technical Data for ZEISS MMZ M


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